Eyeglass Recycling center

The eyeglass recycling center is taking nominations for next year’s board. We are looking for individuals to take on the challenge of Executive Director, Assistant Director, or Director.  The position holds for one year but can be held for a max of two years.


Please note that the center is no longer meeting at the church in Farmville and will no longer have scheduled works days.  

If your club/Region/Zone is interested in scheduling a work day please contact a board member.  We are hoping to bring the center closer to the clubs and get more Lions involved and educated on the process so scoring events can be planned in your area.


Would you like a hands on presentation of what the VLERCC is all about and learn how to score glasses?  Reach out to any member of the board and schedule a speaker for you next meeting.


2017 YTD – 9 Work Days (2 Unreported)

15,567 Glasses were sorted

11,421 Eyeglasses were washed

4,049 Eyeglasses were scored (1289/Negative, 2397/Positive)

 901 Donated to Lion Faye Pleasants; 3148 Donated to Sons of Barnabas (Lion Helen Person)

Hours: Approximately 600 with: 15 clubs participating; 64 Lions participating

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